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Public Works Sanitation Division (Trash Collection)

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Trash Collection (EHT) Recycling (ACUA)
New residents should contact Public Works for their designated collection day. Only receptacles provided by the Township will be collected.

Trash containing recyclable materials will be tagged and left curbside. 

Your trash container is for regular household trash only. The container has a weight limit of 300 lbs and is assigned to your specific address (remains with the property even if you move). Have your container at the curb and available for collection by or before 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day.

PLEASE PLACE THE CONTAINER AT THE CURB OR ON THE EDGE OF THE STREET WITH THE LID OPENING FACING THE STREET. DO NOT PLACE THE CONTAINER BEHIND OR NEAR VEHICLES, MAILBOXES OR OTHER CONTAINER (such as recycling) and leave approximately 10 feet between the container and any other objects (recycling, telephone pole, parked cars, mailboxes, hydrants, etc.).

Only regular household trash placed in the container will be collected. Any loose or bagged trash placed next to the container will not be collected. Bulk trash will be collected according to the schedule below. The monthly collection of bulky trash is not for regular or excess sanitary waste.


Recycling is picked up by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) every other week on your scheduled trash day. Please visit ACUA's website or contact them at 609.272.6950 for a schedule.

Recycling buckets are available by requesting via the ACUA's website or calling 609-272-6950.

Atlantic County Residential Recycling

Recycle everything together in the same container without sorting or separating with ACUA’s single-stream recycling!

Items can be placed curbside in an ACUA-issued recycling bin or cardboard box marked with an ACUA recycling sticker.

Recycling collection differs by municipality. View or download your collection schedule.



Plastics (#1 and #2)
Soda/Juice bottles


Glass Bottles/Containers


Envelopes (business and manila)
Cereal Boxes
Cartons (juice, milk, etc.)
Junk Mail
Magazines/ Newspapers
Telephone Books
Cardboard (corrugated must be flattened and tied with twine)


Aluminum/Steel/Tin cans


Hazardous waste (See Household Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste )
Paper plates, towels and utensils Styrofoam
Plastic Bags
Aluminum Foil
Wire Clothes Hangers
Pots and Pans
Tire Rims
Blue Prints
Light bulbs
Broken Glass
Rigid Plastics, Toys, Chairs (See Rigid Plastics Drop-Off Program)

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste includes wood, lumber, brush,
upholstered furniture, bedding, mattresses, etc.

During your scheduled week, items are collected by different trucks
Place items curbside on your bulky waste week (as indicated below)

Bulky waste must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on Monday of your scheduled week

Schedule for Bulky Waste Pickup is as follows:

Monday or Tuesday Trash Day Bulky pickup is the first (1st) full (7 days) calendar week of each month
Wednesday Trash Day Bulky pickup is the second (2nd) full (7 days) calendar week of each month
Thursday Trash Day Bulky pickup is the third (3rd) full (7 days) calendar week of each month
Friday Trash Day Bulky pickup is the fourth (4th) week of each month

Wood 4'x8'x3' maximum total, should be stacked neatly at curb. Nails should be removed (preferably) or bent over for worker safety.
Residents are responsible for the entire load when they have more than a pickup truckload.
Disposal of demolition and construction materials is the resident's responsibility.
Demolition and construction materials WILL NOT be collected.


Other Items
Place the following items curbside and call Public Works at 926-3838
Electronics Portable Electronics, VCR's, DVD Players, Computers and Televisions
Metal/Appliances/White Goods, Freon Appliances Metal/Appliances should be placed at the curb with all wood and foreign materials removed from the metal. Doors MUST be removed from refrigerators and freezers. Disposal of sliding glass doors is the resident's responsibility.
Tires Limited to 4 passenger car or pickup truck tires per residence per month. Rims MUST be removed.
Household carpet and padding should be disposed of by the Carpet Contractor or the Resident.  
The ACUA does accept carpet and padding for a fee.

There is a maximum weekly limit of one 96 gallon receptacle per household. The weight of your receptacle
must not exceed 300 lbs.

Bulky waste and receptacles placed at the curb for collection should not be placed in the vicinity of mail boxes or vehicles.

Trash receptacles must not be allowed to collect rain water. Trash container lids should be kept closed to avoid allowing the container to collect water. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. It substantially increases the costs of disposing of the trash thereby wasting your tax dollars.

Medical waste such as needles should not be placed curbside for collection.

Wood debris must have the nails either bent over or removed to minimize the potential for puncture injuries.

Pool chemicals must not be placed at the curb for pick up as they can present a toxic fume, fire and explosion hazard that can risk the health of not only the sanitation workers but also for the surrounding public. Pool chemicals can be properly disposed of at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority. For more information please call the ACUA at 609-272-6950


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