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Brush Collection

“Only Rain in Drains”   
Pollution on streets and lawns is washed by rain into storm drains, then directly to the ocean and lakes we play in.  Stormwater  pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water, by sharing the responsibility we can keep common pollutants out of stormwater.  No materials should be placed in or near storm drains.

Brush collection 8’x4’x10’ maximum size of pile

Brush removal is intended for the incidental maintenance of ornamental trees and shrubs. It is not for property clearing or extensive thinning of large tracts. Branches less than 4 inches in diameter must be cut to less than 10 ft lengths and placed with cut ends toward the street. The brush pile is to be no wider than 8 ft and not higher than 4 ft. Twigs under 3 ft in length should be bundled. Logs over 4 inches in diameter, root balls, and stumps will not be collected by Public Works. Those items are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Grass and Leaves are collected as close to the regular trash day as possible by a separate truck.
Bagged grass and leaves will only be collected in biodegradable paper bags (designed for vegetative waste) weighing less than 50 lbs. Do not mix bags of trash and bags of leaves in the same pile or they will not be collected.
Loose leaves, raked to the curb, are collected using a vacuum collector during peak seasons (Spring and Fall) by zones.

Zone 1 is the area north of Reega Avenue including Reega Avenue to the Township border and all of West Atlantic City.
Zone 2 is the area located south of West Jersey Avenue including West Jersey Avenue to Ocean Heights Avenue (including Ocean Heights Ave.)
Zone 3 is the area south of Ocean Heights Avenue to Township line, all of Seaview Harbor and Anchorage Point.

***Signs will be posted with the approximate start date in each zone. The start date may be delayed as this process is affected by weather and volume. Please have the material out at the beginning of the posted period.  Please avoid putting large sticks or trash in the piles.***



Snow Removal

Twp. Code 213-10. (A) Prohibits parking on any snow covered street throughout the entire Township.
If a vehicle is parked on a snow covered street, it may be ticketed and towed.
If snow is forecasted you must park off the street.
If a snow emergency is declared, only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the streets.
Please stay off the road during a snow emergency.

Public Works' goal is to open streets curb to curb for emergency vehicles, drainage and safe traffic flow.
Please drive according to road conditions.
If possible, please wait until the snow plow passes your home to shovel your driveway and mailbox.
If you shovel snow before the plow passes, it's a good idea to pile the snow to the right of your driveway (facing street) this will minimize (not eliminate) the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway by the plow.

Please understand, if the plow pushes snow into your driveway and mailbox we can't come back to clear them out.
That is the property owner’s responsibility. Your cooperation during these times is greatly appreciated by the department of public works and our public safety providers.

1st - Main arteries and emergency facilities
2nd - Secondary Roads
3rd - Residential streets and cul de sacs
During severe snow conditions the main roads may be plowed multiple times before secondary roads are done.


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